Yasunori Ishiguro

President, DCM Group


DCM Group is a major home improvement store chain in Japan and one of the leading so called “home centers”. Japanese home centers have developed over time, growing into comprehensive discount stores with home renovation sections in response to evolving customer needs. Our company has evolved along with this trend.

DCM Group was established through the business integration of Homac Co., Ltd., based in Northern and Eastern Japan-based, Kahma Co., Ltd. in Central Japan, and Daiki Co., Ltd. in Western Japan.

Homac Co., Ltd. originated from a hardware store, Kahma Co., Ltd. is a drug wholesaler, and Daiki Co., Ltd. is a housing equipment store that created a home center to seek further business development. These three companies integrated in 2006 to establish DCM Holdings Co., Ltd., and were joined by Sanwado Co., Ltd. in 2015 and Kuroganeya Co., Ltd. in 2016. Furthermore Keiyo Co., Ltd. participates as an equity-method affiliate. In March 2021, we integrated the five solely-owned subsidiaries of the home center business and established DCM Co., Ltd.

I was born in Kushiro city, Hokkaido. After graduating from university, I worked for a car accessories manufacturer and experienced working in the UK for a year. I joined Homac Co., Ltd. in 1991 to work as a Store Manager and in product development. I became the president of Homac Co., Ltd. in 2011. In 2020 I became the president of DCM Holdings Co., Ltd. and I am also the representative director of DCM Co., Ltd. after the integration in March 2021.

By positioning this integration as the founding of a new enterprise we will further accelerate the realization of our management philosophy. The social structure in Japan is about to change rapidly due to the declining birthrate and aging population. While responding to changes quickly we will transform ourselves into a “comprehensive lifestyle company” that helps to support our customers’ comfortable lifestyles, centered on the DIY know-how that we have developed during our time in the industry.

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