The Cycle of Transruption - Why the DIY industry needs to embrace current key technologies

In a digital age, with digital technologies and innovations surrounding us and a society that is growing digitally and 'breathing digital air', it is important that businesses and enterprises start to embrace the new reality and profit from these new developments. Times are evolving, the patterns that were once traditional and gave off the highest result are not going to work anymore, that is why businesses are advised to weave digital concepts into their strategies.

Technology has shaken human's history and transformed the way we interact between ourselves, it has evoked immense changes in almost every field and industry, none is being left out from the shakedown. Key technological developments have affected recent human history probably more than any other field. Think of a light bulb, steam engine or, more latterly, cars and airplanes, not to mention the rise of the world wide web. These technologies have made our lives better in many ways, created very successful enterprises, opened up new avenues and possibilities - and crushed companies that underestimated their power.

Today we need to understand and face the 24 current key technologies, that are going to change everything in our world - in our private life as well as in our DIY business. The Cycle of Transruption was developed by Sanjay Sauldie at the MIT Sloan Business School as his final thesis. In this exclusive workshop, Sanjay will introduce each of these key technologies with best practice and real life examples. You will understand the relevance of each of them - and furthermore, how they can be used together to skyrocket your business. Just using or concentrating on one of the key technologies may not give a satisfactory result, but combining them will certainly innovate the DIY sector.

The Agenda:

14:00 - 14:10: Introducing the Cycle of Transruption
14:10 - 14:30: The Power of Combining key technologies: Best practice
14:30 - 15:30: Interactive Transruption-Braingame I: How could the DIY-Sector (or your business) be transrupted by using these key technologies?
15:30 - 15:45: Short Break
15:45 - 16:15: Interactive Transruption-Braingame II:  How could the DIY-Sector (or your business) be transrupted by using these key technologies?
16:15 - 16:30: Transruption-Vision: Which key technologies are going to impact the DIY (or your business) most?
16:30 - 17:00: Open Discussion: Key take-aways from this workshop

Workshop Speaker

Sanjay Sauldie

Director, EIMIA