Workshop 2

From market insights to actions

As a professional in the DIY industry you probably are familiar with the long term trends in our industry. The big challenge is, how to implement them for your brand in a way that really impacts your business results. What additional consumer services can work for your brand? How to be more successful with your E-commerce strategies? In this interactive session we will help you to improve. We will do this based on our market insights, knowledge of the DIY segment and by exchanging ideas with your industry peers.

USP Marketing Consultancy is a market specialized research agency in the construction, installation and DIY sector. We help our customers translating insights from market research into actions that improve their business.  


  1. Disrupting the DIY industry… What’s really changing? [Presentation from Reinier Zuydgeest on market trends combined with the latest USP market figures on Home Improvement] [30 min]
  2. How to successfully offer additional services to consumers? [Presentation Jan Paul on best practices of services in DIY, followed by a case study for the attendees] [45 min] Presentations of the workgroups [20 minutes]
  3. Short break [15 minutes]
  4. E-commerce in DIY Facts and Figures [Presentation Reinier Zuydgeest] [15 minutes]
  5. E-commerce in DIY Best practices [attendees will get an individual task to write down their E-commerce successes, learning moments and exchange their biggest challenges at this moment ] [15 minutes]
  6. Followed by an open discussion on this subject lead by Reinier Zuydgeest and Jan Paul Schop [40 minutes]

Workshop Speaker

Reinier Zuydgeest

Managing Consultant, USP Marketing Consultancy

Jan-Paul Schop

Managing Director, USP Marketing Consultancy