What are the principles that drive high productivity in a retail business?

Jim Inglis is a world-renowned retailing expert. He served as Executive Vice President of The Home Depot in it fastest growing years and has spent the last 20 years advising leading home improvement retailers in Latin America, Japan, China, Australia, and Europe. Jim was honored with the Global DIY-Lifetime Award from the Global DIY-Summit in 2015.

Jim Inglis, home center industry veteran, will answer and explain the answers to these questions in this Breakthrough Retailing workshop:

Session 1 - The Art of Merchandising

How are merchandising art and science balanced to optimize enterprise results?
What strategies move the focus from product orientation to service solutions?
How does self-service facilitate the selling projects?
What is the logic and methodology of smart retail pricing?

Session 2 - High Productivity Retailing

What is the key to effectively manage supply chains and drive down landed product costs?
What metric best defines high performance retailing and serves as a tool to compare the productivity of stores, departments, and categories?
What are the critical steps to move the customer from brand awareness to brand loyalty?
What is the most effective promotional strategy in terms of media and message?

Session 3 - Managing Change

How does interconnected retailing enhance both on-line and off-line results.
How does culture impact successful growth?
What is the key to market dominance?

Workshop Speaker

Jim Inglis

Ex-Executive Vice President, The Home Depot