Workshop 1

Understand how to keep your brand alive in a digital changing environment

Many companies like Energizer thought that their products could be sold on market platforms like Amazon easily, creating great revenues for a short period. The numbers and sales were very good and portals like Alibaba were seen as nice friends. As all the main customer data was surrendered to these portals, they started developing their own products, in this case batteries and now sell them on Amazon (as AMAZON Basics).

After some years of growth suddenly the dependance on these platforms results in the decline of sales and margins as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba put their own preferred products at the top of every product search and especially in the future of commerce – voice commerce.

If you think that your product or service cannot be disrupted – then this is the workshop you must visit! Sanjay Sauldie will show you how big market players think, react and gain market share that is even financed by the victims themselves. Understand the new business models and apply them on your own – to be the master of transformation instead the victim of disruptors.

How can you still work with Amazon etc. together and still be sure that your products can be competetive in the future? In this workshop you will see examples from WD-40, Bosch and many more on how to defend your brand assets and still be relevant in e-commerce in the future. Where do you really need to invest your money instead of only feeding other companies?

Do you still think of omnichannel whereas Amazon is already using interconnected commerce? Learn in this workshop how these new models can be used for your own success. This iROI-workshop is not only for Marketing Managers but especially for CEOs who need to decide upon the strategy of the company, with whom to work and how to work with new digital partners like Amazon etc. If you are already selling on one of these platforms, then you will understand in this workshop how to keep your brand alive outside of the world of your ecommerce partner. It is too dangerous just to rely on a friend that could turn out your enemy – or just only an frenemy? Let us discuss this and more in this workshop live!

Workshop Speaker

Sanjay Sauldie

Director, EIMIA