Easy to get to and easy to get around!

With its vibrant city centre, easy access, countless hotels and an abundance of culture and history, Amsterdam is probably the only capital city where you can easily see people on the street that you met the day before.

Amsterdam benefits from a healthy business climate and a thriving economy. The result of a bottom-up approach of smart growth, start-ups, livability and digital social innovation. With its leading advances in governance, economics, social inclusion and quality of life, Amsterdam was crowned the European Capital of Innovation in 2016.

An iconic city that offers your guests plenty to see and do

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is home to some of the world’s biggest museums, most iconic locations and, of course, the 400-year-old Canal Ring. Amsterdam is also a top international destination for conventions and conferences, and hosts an average of 650 meetings per year, which draw over 700,000 business visitors.

Visitors of all types will have plenty to do while they’re here. The city’s cultural agenda is packed with world-class exhibitions, theatre performances, live music and other unique events, and its charming neighbourhoods are full of unique shops, cafes and restaurants. The resources below will help you navigate these, and plan the right itinerary for your guests.