Victoria Neuhofer

Sales Director, Neuhofer Holz / Founder of DAMN PLASTIC


I’m a 30-year young entrepreneur, technological wood engineer & belonging to the first Gen Y members.

As a micro-Influencer & an active user, I know what social media is all about, and I’m happy to be one of those so-called SMOMBIES. Being all the time online & up-to-date gives you kinda power you can use – if you are willing to. And I am. I love to challenge the past and refresh it. However, I have to admit that sometimes old is not too bad 😉

In our 375-year-old family business as the 11th generation, I’m fascinated by how innovation and social media also affect long traditions.

Oh, and by the way: I refuse single-use-plastic 😉

It’s not a f**** disruption – It’s called progress!

We all do that: Staring at our smartphones and get influenced by the beautiful pictures we see on social media. And today, we only click on one of the items on the pic and boooom it’s bought. Isn’t it great?

And did you know that mainly nowadays people buying during their work, while being on the bus or waiting for something – ONLY with their SMARTPHONE?

It would be stupid to not jump onto this train, isn’t it?

It’s just reasonable that companies like Instagram/Facebook are adapting to the “new” typical behavior of today’s generations and come up with such tools that we – Gen Ys and Zs – simply love as we always have the feeling of having no time and need to do things “in-between.” Such Social Media tools allow you even to be closer to us – your current and future customers. I show you how and why you should go this way.

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