Victoria Christiana Neuhofer: we are the Generation DIY

Victoria Christiana Neuhofer: we are the Generation DIY


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Company: Neuhofer Holz
Job title: Project and Sales Manager
Address: Haslau 56, 4893 Zell am Moos, Austria
Contact:, 0043/6648261379


I was born in Salzburg (Austria), lived in Poland for 14 years and went back to Vienna to become a technical engineer in wood technology while at the same time studying international business and economy. Nowadays I am studying online management, entrepreneurship and innovation programme at the Liverpool University while also working at the family company. The single most important motivation has always been and will be: the family business. (For all that are interested: we are producers of all kinds of accessories for the wood-, floor- and wall- DIY business. You can check it out @

I’m a very active, ambitious and motivated person and always seeking new challenges. Most of the time I’m influencing people around me with my enthusiasm and passion, and from time to time it is like I could never extinguish my inner fire. The task and the opportunity to lead a family business after 365-year’s existence to the next 11th generation is more than an honour.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” – being this person is my sole goal.

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