@VannucciPiante: Vanucci Piante: MORE PLANTS, MORE LIFE

The nursery actively operates since 1938.

A 535 – hectare network of growing areas that exports to 60 countries around the globe. We can boast 240 hectares of plants cultivated in open ground and 295 hectares of container grown plants, including 20 hectares undercover.

Today we grow more than 3000 species and varieties and most of them are shown in our 3.000m2 covered and permanent showroom.

Our plants grow in extremely fertile soil and enjoy a favorable climate, but they also benefit from the most innovative growing techniques developed by exploiting our experience and heritage. This is why they are not only beautiful but healthy too, meaning they are very resistant to disease and sudden changes in the weather.

This is the hallmark of Made in Tuscany: healthy, certified, and traceable.

A visit to our nurseries remains an incomparable experience and an opportunity for mutual acquaintance and a big inspiration.


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