Trevor George

CEO Trevco / Blue Wheel


Trevor George is the CEO of Trevco, and of the digital marketing agency Blue Wheel, one of Inc Magazine’s fastest growing private companies! In these roles, Trevor became one of the largest 3rd party sellers on Amazon in the United States! Trevor is known for advancing brands in e-retail and marketplaces. He’s often featured in Business Insider, Internet Retailer, Search Engine Land, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more, and is one of the trailblazers in today’s changing e-retail landscape.

What is the Future of E-Retail? As Told by a Top Amazon Seller

Marketplaces like Amazon are continuing to grow and as a result there has been a rapid consolidation of e-retail websites. In this session, learn about the latest trends indicating a rise of digital ecosystems that may dominate e-commerce in the near future.

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