The largest DIY and home improvement industry summit – DIY Summit

The 2nd Virtual DIY Summit featured speeches and sessions focused on the visions of DIY in the age of uncertainty.

The 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit took place on Friday the 2nd of September 2022. With a rich and concentrated programme, the more than 750 viewers from over 50 countries who tuned in live to watch the 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit were treated to keynote speeches and sessions focused on Visions of DIY in the Age of Uncertainty.

The future of e-commerce in the home improvement sector

Uncertainty and opportunity: the outlook in the home improvement sector

This uncertainty and opportunity, and the outlook in the home improvement sector, was highlighted by the Presidents of the EDRA/GHIN and HIMA associations, Sergio Giroldi and Reinhard Wolff, who shared their thoughts on this matter in the President’s welcome. Sergio Giroldi stated that “undoubtedly, in front of us we have a very challenging period.” Reinhard Wolff continued this sentiment by saying “we are in a multi-crises situation”. The economic uncertainty in the home improvement sector is clear to see, but the opportunities should not be overlooked.

Deloitte’s Global Political and Economic Outlook

Deloitte’s Global Political and Economic Outlook, presented by Michael Grampp, Chief Economist & Research Director, demonstrated the effects of uncertainty on the economy globally as well as the global outlook for medium-sized companies. Michael left viewers with the parting words “that the corporate sector is more robust, resilient and adaptable than many think” and that observing government action in the markets is one of the most important strategic tasks of companies.  Topics of interest discussed at the 2nd Virtual DIY Summit

Future challenges of the home improvement sector

Outgoing Group CEO of OBI, Sergio Giroldi, presented the Future Challenges of the Home Improvement sector, touching on the challenges in the real estate and housing sector. Many countries are experiencing chronic housing shortages, and new homes are not being constructed fast enough. Despite the current and developing market situation, many theorists are not expecting a housing market crash, especially as Millennial demand for housing is Up, with Gen Z right behind.

Sustainability in the home improvement sector: trend or reality?

The morning session also saw a round table discussion take place on sustainability in the home improvement sector: trend or reality? Sustainable and green homes are increasingly higher on consumers agendas, especially with the increase in gas and electric prices being experienced, and two suppliers (Gardena and AkzoNobel) and two retailers (Bunnings and Byko) shared their thoughts, initiatives, and visions on Sustainability in the Home Improvement Sector.

DIY in 2022: making decisions when instability is the only constant

Nick Stene, Global Head of Home & Garden, Euromonitor, opened the afternoon session with his presentation on DIY in 2022 and making decisions when instability is the only constant. Topics presented included in the rising costs of building materials, how to improve home improvement experiences, the impact of covid-19 and the rampant increase in home improvement projects and European funds in the renovation sector and how these can benefit both the sector and the consumer.

Uncertainty and opportunity_ the outlook in the home improvement sector

The future of e-commerce in the home improvement sector

The topic of the future of e-commerce in the home improvement sector was presented by industry icon Jim Inglis, who interviewed Andreas Schobert, Chief Technology Officer at Hornbach Baumarkt AG. Andreas Schobert presented how Hornbach had gone about developing and evolving their online offer so that consumers experience the best possible service.

The wrap-up session in the 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit was presented by internationally renowned speaker and Advisor, Chris Roebuck. Chris’s session demonstrated to viewers how they can ensure their workforce is engaged and motivated through building a firm foundation, accelerated leadership and focusing on what delivers success.

To close the 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit General Secretary of EDRA/GHIN, John W. Herbert, and General Manager of the Global DIY Summit, Iñaki Maillard, thanked all attendees for participating in the event and shared their thoughts on the importance of these types of events in the future.

The 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit once again demonstrated the increasing importance of meeting as an industry to discuss and share views on the challenges and opportunities present in the sector. For those stakeholders and interested parties who were unable to join the event live, the 2nd Virtual DIY-Summit can be watched on demand in its entirety at:

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