The Roadmap to Recovery:
Business after Covid-19

A webinar series moderated by Ken Hughes!

The only constant is change and the current pandemic has brought about significant social, economic, technological and behavioural change globally. Some businesses are adapting and capitalising on the changes, others sinking below its weight.

There will be no V-Shaped recovery and both consumer sentiment and economic recovery will take time. It will be shaped like a traditional Irish rowing boat called the Currach – a long shallow bottom and a slow rise. So, we need to shape our businesses to the Now, Then and When – the three stages of the recovery, each with a different focus on what the pandemic allows, or the consumers expect. Three phases and three opportunities to pivot and grow the business.

Join our webinar series now to learn how to adapt to this new disruptive era and to capitalise on the tremendous changes we are experiencing as humanity.


Ira Kalish

Chief Global Economist, Deloitte

Rik Vera

Worldwide keynote speaker, author, lecturer at business schools and trusted advisor and coach of large organisations

Pascal Coppens

Keynote Speaker, nexxworks

Ken Hughes

Consumer & Shopper Behaviouralist and CX Strategist

Reinier Zuydgeest

Managing Consultant, USP Marketing Consultancy