Test Rite Group: Tony Ho

Test Rite Group: Tony Ho

Tony Ho is the President of Test Rite Group, a listed company with more than 6,000 employees worldwide that includes trading, retail, e-commerce, product design and development, and storefront development and management. Tony is a graduate of the NTU-Fudan Joint EMBA Program.

Established in 1978 by his wife, Judy Lee, and five others, Tony subsequently joined Test Rite and was instrumental in expanding the business, which has grown to become the largest trading company and the leading retailer of home-related products and services in Taiwan. As a globally integrated enterprise with long-term partnerships around the world, the company counts numerous well-known retailers as its clients, including Walmart, O’Reilly, Michaels, AutoZone, Costco, Target, Carrefour, and Metro.

Tony is passionate about sports and has served as the president of Taiwan’s gymnastics, rowing, and archery associations, sparing no effort in promoting the country’s competitiveness in these sports.

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