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Nespoli Group is a leading designer and manufacturer of paint tools, metal tools, aerosol paint sprays and cleaning tools. The company, established in the 40’s, after the  2nd world war, grew from a small local artisan business to an industrial international group with sites all over Europe and in other non European countries.

With headquarters in Cantù (Italy) and managed by Luigi and Alessandro Nespoli, Nespoli Group operates worldwide and employs about 1600 people. The company is 100% privately owned.

For Nespoli Group there are two key elements:

• Own production
• Continuous investment in research and development in order to bring to market unique innovative products

From the very beginning Nespoli Group focused on investing in R&D and on developing always new and better solutions. All these investments brought incredible results, and Nespoli Group has become the benchmark in the market of paint tools, metal tools, cleaning products and aerosol paint sprays.

This focus on innovations is still the ethos that characterizes the core of the company; Nespoli Group aims to create products that are easier to use, better designed, and more efficient, always with an eco-friendly approach.

All this to achieve one great goal: support professional and non-professional consumers in the realization of their construction, maintenance, embellishment, cleaning and restoration projects.

On the basis of our innovations lays a profound knowledge of the market. We gain market knowledge through market research and consumer focus groups. We continuously collaborate with professional users throughout Europe and continuously test products in our laboratory.

Nespoli Group commits to protect the health of the consumers, to preserve natural resources and to respect the environment.

Our mission is: “Every project, anywhere, with a Nespoli tool”.

Company: Nespoli Group


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