Combilift is a specialist forklift and straddle carrier manufacturer, producing a wide range of customised handling solutions. Our range of multi-directional, articulated and pedestrian forklifts are designed for the safe, space saving and productive handling of long and bulky loads, palletised goods, containers and other oversized materials.

Combilift has built a global reputation for its ability to deliver maximum storage efficiency. The innovative design of Combilift’s machines enable customers to operate in narrow aisles and can increase storage density by up to 100%.Equipped with our patented multi-position tiller arm the Combi-CS offers safer operation, maximum operator visibility and narrow aisle performance. Combilift’s ultra-efficient forklifts and pedestrian stackers can load directly from trailers to racking and vice versa, eliminating the need for multiple trucks, multiple operators and multiple lifts. In an industry where space is at a premium and margins are extremely tight, Combilift delivers critical efficiency.

An in-house team of design engineers works with customers to produce warehouse layout designs and 3D simulations. This free of charge service provides customers with a unique view of the space saving benefits of Combilift products. Combilift can tailor new machines to the exact and prevailing demands of the market. Our customised approach allows clients to specify various unique features on their forklift, enabling them to handle everything from palletised loads to long loads safely and with ease. Combilift’s products are characterised by robust build, long life operation and indoor/outdoor capability to offer the utmost versatility. Standard and readily available components are used to enable products to be easily maintained and serviced wherever in the world they are being used.

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