Cintacor was born in 1980, developing and producing elements for window decoration, such as curtain rods, rails or other types of accessories and complements. Since 1985, we have been pioneers in transforming the traditional market towards new forms of modern distribution focused on self-service, highlighting the fact that our products can be installed by the user to decorate their windows themselves.

With a policy of close collaboration with our customers, we innovate not only in products but in the support for the conversion of sales outlets into spaces where the consumer can chose the best product and will have guaranteed satisfaction in their do-it-yourself activities. Product, service, exposure and comprehension are the main lines of our actions.

In 1996, with the creation of Stor Planet, the group enlarged the product range to folding curtains and blinds, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, etc.

Company: Cintacor – Storplanet



Camí de la serra nº8

Pol. Industrial Coll de la Manya

08403 Granollers


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