Art Plast

Established in 1981 by Dino Baraggioli, Art Plast first molded on behalf of a third party, then the experience gained in those first years of activity, enabled the Company to start with its own production.

The company reinvested every resource quickly reaching a wide range of products for the DIY.

In 1989 the Company exhibited for the first time at the Hardware and DIY Fair in Cologne, dealing with the most important European Customers, that are still satisfied Customers of the Company.

In those years a hard policy of investment enabled Art Plast to study and start with the production of new series of products for House.

The company, entirely managed by the Family Baraggioli occupies an area of 75.000 square meters, of which 25.000 are covered.

The average age of employees is 39 years and every new employee rises in the Company working alongside very experienced employees and that’s why the know-how never disappears but, on the contrary, it rises with everybody’s help.

The maintenance of the molds is followed by an internal workshop, and there’s a continuous process divided in three production units.

The park equipment is constantly renewed and it’s automated with robots. New technologies have been introduced, such as the injection molding with nitrogen and the innovative in-mold labeling.

The finished products meet at the new wharehouse in Sant’Angelo Lomellina, where the orders are prepared and shipped.

Our catalog has more than 500 references and it’s one of the most complete all over Europe.

Customer relationship is direct, without intermediaries, providing a high competitiveness for our Customers.

These conditions helped the growth of turnover in the last ten years of 442%.

“We believe that these data are the clear evidence of our ongoing commitment to innovation and investment in human and economic resources.”

Company: ArtPlast