Sanjay Sauldie

Sanjay Sauldie’s philosophy: why I am

“Internet enables everyone to revolutionize the rules of entire industries. I’ve been concentrating on this for over 20 years, because it fascinates me how beginners and established companies manage to cope with digital challenges – or become victims of digital evolution.

I strongly believe that humanity in general can profit from a wise use of digital opportunities, allowing people into new and positive dimensions of a peaceful and appreciative coexistence. I would like to contribute to this.

In the course of time I discovered my mission:

Inspiring people and companies in realizing their vision on the Internet.

I see myself as the bridge between the analogous time and digital age – I combine the best of both worlds by a strategy of integration instead of exclusion. For individuals and organizations to achieve a common maturity, successful companies need insights and experiences of the analogous world, as well as digital acceptance and culture of the digital world. I’m the result of both the analogous and digital world, connecting ancient Indian wisdom and Western achievements. I reconcile these for the benefit of all people. This is the reason why I am on this planet.”


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