Reinier Zuydgeest

Managing Consultant, USP Marketing Consultancy

Reinier Zuydgeest started working at USP Marketing Consultancy in 2006 after he completed his study Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). USP is a market research agency which is specialized in the construction and DIY market. Over the past 10 years Reinier has been conducting dedicated market research for manufacturers as AkzoNobel, Bosch, DAW, fischer, PPG, VELUX and various retailers.

With the market study “The European Home Improvement Monitor” USP measures all consumer spending on home improvement on a monthly base in 11 countries. During the DIY Summit Reinier will present the latest developments on country level and show in which way e-commerce is rising through the different categories and countries.

USP Marketing Consultancy is a market specialized research agency in the construction, installation and DIY sector. We help our customers translating insights from market research into actions that improve their business.