Paul Moers
Strat. Mkt. Services

Paul Moers is founding partner of Paul Moers strategic marketing services in Amsterdam area Netherlands. This is a small consulting agency with an outstanding reputation and an impressive client list.

This consultancy firm is specialised in branding and strategy of large retail and B2b firms. Paul has a reputation of helping companies to radically change their strategy in order to stay away from competition and offering the consumer a totally new experience. Business as usual is not an option for him since competition is far to aggressive these days and market dynamics are changing to fast. Added value will become the new growth in the stagnating European markets.

Paul has a background in B2B, B2C and retail as a former senior manager within Cargill, Unilever and Ahold. He is also the author of a large list of management books. He is performing on a regular basis on television and radio with sharp comments on retail and branding issues.

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