Jan Ostendorf
J.W. Ostendorf

Jan Ostendorf and his brother Jens are the third generation of the J.W. Ostendorf group, a family business specialized in the production of decorative and functional paints in the DIY, industrial and professional sector across Europe. The JWO group helps retailers to develop a strategy for their whole paint category strongly focusing on leveraging the power of their brand(s).

His current role is Managing Director of sales for Northern Europe and Marketing for the JWO group. In his former role he was responsible for the product and technology management including R&D. In 2010 he joined as an assistant to the board after receiving his business degree from ISM, Dortmund and his Master’s degree from Bond University, Australia.

Jan’s strong focus and passion lies in developing innovative concepts to help create success for the retailers’ brands and their whole paint category. He believes that the importance of business relationships and the co-development of innovative concepts are essential to win and retain the customers of the future and succeeding in the digital world.

At various events he highlighted the importance and opportunities of a strong retail brand offer and how retailers can leverage these to develop a strategy in the digital world. He spoke at the BHB Garden Summit, the Branchenwerkstatt DIY, the Marke Münsterland, the Kölner Gespräche and a PriceWaterhouseCoopers event about the future of the DIY sector.

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