Let’s plantify the future, together

Royal Lemkes, a leading supplier of plants and related services, is a major link between ornamental horticulture and largescale retail in Europe. Weekly, with 700 suppliers (growers and transporters), we supply some 2,500 shops of leading retailers in 30 European countries. The company’s customers benefit from the knowledge of plants, the efficient supply chain and logistics management. The people at Royal Lemkes do business and communicate with ‘a green heart’ and firmly believe that plants contribute to a better life, vital business and a healthy, green world.

Sustainability is core value of this 135-year-old family company. They have been storing heat in the soil since the 1980’s. In 2011, the building was fitted out with the largest solar-panel roof in the Netherlands, followed soon thereafter by LED lamps and heat pumps, which were designed to reduce their carbon footprint by 50 percent. The surplus green energy is stored in large battery containers and employees of Lemkes can receive energy in their homes from the roof of Lemkes. The ‘Logistics Supply Project’ of which Lemkes is a member combines the transport of plants to distribution centres, which reduces transport movements and therefore, the amount of carbon dioxide released. Starting this year, Royal Lemkes has been designated as ‘the best employer 2017-2018’ for employee engagement -not for maximizing profits, but for aspiring to make the themes ‘planet and people’ the mainstay of Royal Lemkes. Seek perfection, according to the LEAN Principle.