Rik Vera

Worldwide keynote speaker, author, lecturer at business schools and trusted advisor and coach of large organisations


Rik Vera has had 25 years of successful career at C-level in sales, marketing and general management positions in large international manufacturing companies. He has always been interested in combining good old management knowledge with the latest technological and digital tools to outrun competition, focusing on customers rather than products or competition. He has always been a gamechanger. A leader. Not a follower of rules.

c2MxEi (Connect to many, engage individuals). The Magic Formula for The New Normal

Rik takes the audience on a fast track along the first waves that re-defined our world (internet and mobile) and then makes clear that we are only at day 2 of the New Normal. The next ‘big thing’ is not there yet, but will be a combination of big data, AI and robotization.

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