Platinum Sponsor: v33 Group

Platinum Sponsor: v33 Group

Born in the heart of Jura in France, the V33 Group has become, in 60 years, one of the first European companies in the paints and woodcare products sector. The story of V33 started with the invention of the first floor varnish in 1957. The latter, eponymous of our brand, had a resistance equal to 33{2920dc35e13aa575d381a963680550d7ab92ea574880ecc82f11a0ccc4bb06ae} of the hardness of the glass.

With 3 brands for individuals, V33, Liberon and Diamantine Expert, as well as 2 brands for professionals, Plastor and Cecil Professionnel, the company claims a perfect knowledge of all the coating-support solutions and their suitability.

Currently operating in 30 countries and with 7 subsidiaries throughout Europe and a production unit based in Poland, V33 makes its international development its priority.

The independence of mind and action, boldness, perseverance and kindness are values that the V33 Group remained faithful during all these years. The business passion and a highly developed product culture, the obligation of result and success, the challenge and risk taking are strengths that make the success of the Group.

The V33 Group is also a family company where men and women remain its first strengths. All share motivation, professional conscience, demand, sense of initiative, determination and reliability.

Company: v33 Group


39210 Domblans

Contact Partner: Stefano Bénard

Contact information: Tel: +33 0384 350030, Mobile: +33 608666817, Email:


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