Petrovich and Saturn climb above Obi and Castorama

Russian retailer Petrovich has displaced Obi from the number two slot in the sales rankings of DIY store operators in Russia. With sales of RUB 49.3 bn (around EUR 678 mio) Petrovich was well ahead of the German Obi chain with RUB 37 bn (EUR 509 mio) in 2018. The figures, produced by the Russian agency Info-Line, were presented at the Mosbuild trade show at the beginning of April.
The biggest player in the Russian market with an unassailable lead is Leroy Merlin. Part of the French outfit Groupe Adeo, the home improvement chain had a market share of 21 per cent in 2018 with sales totalling RUB 272 bn (EUR 3.74 bn).
Castorama, the French distribution channel of the UK’s Kingfisher Group, has also dropped down to fifth in the Russian rankings due to Russian chain Saturn pipping it into fourth place with sales of RUB 29.6 bn (EUR 407 mio). Castorama’s sales totalled RUB 29.5 bn (EUR 406 mio).
According to the Info-Line data, the Top 10 in the Russian home improvement market together generated sales of around RUB 600 bn (gross; EUR 8.25 bn) in 2018, thus accounting for more than 40 per cent of the market. Their earnings increased on average by 17 per cent (2017: 14 per cent), so that their growth rates were twice as high on average as that of the entire sector. Petrovich achieved the highest percentage growth of 30.5 per cent.
At the start of 2019, the Top 10 in the Russian DIY trade operated more than 320 stores and had an overall retail area in excess of 2.2 mio m².