Paul Martin

Head of Retail, KPMG


Paul is an experienced international business professional with over 15 years’ experience in advisory, research and analytics focussed on the retail and consumer goods sectors. Paul was previously the Group Managing Director at Planet Retail. He has also worked in the retail sector for T-Mobile Stores in Germany in Merchandising & Store Operations. Paul co-chairs the KPMG/Ipsos UK Retail Think Tank as well as the European Retail Think Tank Next Generation Retail. He teaches retail best practice for GS1 the global retail standards organisation and is a regular event speaker and press commentator on the sector.

Is the traditional Retail Business Model Dead? Retail Trends and Outlook 2020

Retail businesses face a critical question that will need addressing over the next years – are they going to play a role as a 21st century enterprise or not. Increasing numbers of CEO’s within the sector have acknowledged that building a business model that can operate successfully in the future is pivotal whilst at the same time a large majority admit they are not there yet. It is also clear that the business model of physical stores is not going to exist anymore at the same scale it does today. This does not mean though physical stores have no role to play.

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