Obi makes around EUR 7.7 bn in 2018

Obi, DIY operator number 1 in Germany and number 3 in Europe, achieved gross sales of around EUR 7.7 bn in 2018, according to reports from the company. That is around EUR 300 mio more than in the previous year. The number of locations recorded by the Dähne Verlag publishing house at the end of the year has risen by 13 to 668, of which 351 are in Germany, one less than the year before. According to statistics by Dähne Verlag however, Obi has still increased its retail space nationally by around 10 000 m² to 2.777 mio m². Abroad, 317 Obi stores were counted - 14 more than a year before - with an overall retail space of 2.234 mio m² (2017: 2.109 mio m²).