Nils Zuendorf

Executive Director, factor-a


Nils Zündorf is an Executive Director of factor-a part of Dept and has been an e-commerce consultant and specialist in the development and scaling of paid advertising measures for over ten years. His focus is on Sponsored Ads and the Amazon Demand Side Platform. He unites startup and corporate worlds, online and offline business, and new approaches and existing structures. With a focus on online marketing and customer touchpoints, he pursues the goal of maximising the return on every cent, regardless of the budget. As a business information systems specialist, he supports his projects with the appropriate technical frameworks and achieves demonstrably recurring successes for his clients. His passion is using marketing channels which allow the advertiser to continuously optimise and expand campaigns, such as Sponsored Ads and the Amazon Demand Side Platform. In his other text ‘Reach with Precision’, Nils explains strategies and recommendations for vendors on the subject of DSP.

How Amazon Really Works – A Strategic Point of View!

Amazon is at the front lines of a huge shift in the infrastructure of global trade. Despite its current omnipresence though, the transformation taking place is still at day one. We’re at a critical time in the re-invention of shopping. Amazon continues to be the most major innovator in e-commerce and retail experience, while brands are struggling to stay on top. In this presentation you’ll learn how Amazon ticks and get to know the decisive influencing factors for success on the Amazon marketplace. We give a glimpse behind the Amazon curtain and offer strategic background knowledge, which will help with better assessment and classification on the Amazon channel.

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