Murat Gigin: A proven global vision with local adaptation wins in the Turkish market.

Murat Gigin: A proven global vision with local adaptation wins in the Turkish market.


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A proven global vision with local adaptation wins in the Turkish market.

The steady, albeit somewhat mooted growth  of the economy, now 16th largest in the world with aspirations to be among the top 10 within the next 10 years,  reflects itself in the increasing number of modern and large shopping centers, not only in large cities but almost all over Anatolia. The young and dynamic population, the increase on GDP, and the relative stability of the economy are the drivers of growth in the retail sector , with the proviso that  profitability mainly comes in case  the retailer is  locally owned and managed.

Company: TEKZEN
Job title: Chairman and CEO
Address: Osmaniye Mah. Cirpici Yolu, 34144 Merter, Bakirkoy, Istanbul / TURKEY
Contact:  +90 (212) 359-3341


Murat Gigin was born in Istanbul in 1952 and graduated from the University of Bradford in Civil Engineering in 1974. He got his Msc. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of London in 1975. He then received his higher Diploma. in Oceanic Engineering from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University College London. An activist in a number of NGO’s in the past, Gigin was Chairman of IPLOCA (International Pipeline and Offshore Contractors’ Association) between 1995 and 1996 and is currently Member of the Board of Trustees of TEMA Foundation.

He began his career working in Gabon, Congo and Libya before joining  Tekfen Construction in Kuwait, in 1977. Upon his return to the Company’s headquarters in Istanbul in 1983, he worked as coordinator on several international projects and in the Business Development Dept  until he was appointed Deputy General Manager in 1986. Gigin was General Manager of Tekfen Construction between 1988 and 1998 and Board Member of several Tekfen Contracting Group companies for 10 years, until 1998. He is currently Chairman and Managing Director of its Board of Directors at Tekfen Holding, a Turkish international conglomerate with a turnover of over 4 billion TL.

Having established TEKZEN in 1995 in a 50 – 50{2920dc35e13aa575d381a963680550d7ab92ea574880ecc82f11a0ccc4bb06ae}  JV with Götzen of Germany , he acquired the entirety of the company shares as Götzen declared bankruptcy in Germany. Since 1998, Gigin has served as Chairman and CEO at Viem Investment & Group of Companies (namely; Tekzen DIY Chain, Agromak Machines, Maxlines Logistics, Viem Advertising Agency, Zen Energy, ENAT Industrial Tree Plantation, Ekozey Organic Agriculture, Imbroz, Galipoli and Temari). At the same time, he is Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANG Investment Holding.

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