Interviews Moderated by John W. Herbert

Meet the top decision-makers in our industry

From October 2020, John W. Herbert, General Secretary EDRA-GHIN, will be interviewing CEOs from the most relevant home improvement centres around the world.

John will be addressing questions such as: How are retailers coping with Covid-19? What were their key learnings from this pandemic? How do they see the future with the growth seen in online sales and yet so much physical selling space? What are their companies doing to improve climate change damage and work towards a greener future? Among other interesting questions for our sector.

Do not miss your chance to meet the executive managers deciding towards a better future for our industry.


Mattias Ankarberg

CEO Byggmax Group

Michael Schneider

Managing Director, The Bunnings Group

Verónica Valdez

CEO, Promart

Carl O. Løvenskiold

CEO, Løvenskiold-Vækerø AS

Thierry Garnier

CEO, Kingfisher plc

Yasunori Ishiguro

President, DCM Group

Werner de Jager

CEO, Cashbuild

Hiromasa Tsuchiya

Owner and Chairman, Cainz Co Ltd.

Declan Ronayne

CEO, Woodie's DIY / Grafton Group PLC

Sergio Giroldi

CEO, OBI / President EDRA