What are the opportunities and challenges of DIY in a disruptive world?

Main Topics - 4th Global DIY Summit 2016

Connected Home – Opportunities for DIY
Expressions like Smart Home, Internet of Things and Connected Devices are buzz words that you nowadays hear everywhere, but only few people are able to understand the profound impact that these technological changes will have in the DIY industry. The past two years have seen a significant increase in new developments and consumer adoption of this kind of products. Therefore, the largest DIY retailers in North America have already announced the launch of smart devices for security, heating, cooling, lighting and other appliances in their stores. Will this new paradigm bring significant opportunities for the home improvement industry? Is this the beginning of a new DIY business model?

Disruptors – The New Challenges in the Digital World
In the last years, the birth and growth of new companies that disrupt many existing markets displacing an earlier technology is accelerating like never before! The rise of these new enterprises, also called disruptors, and their increasing participation in the home improvement industry is a fact that cannot be ignored by most of the stakeholders. What are the risks and opportunities of this new era of digital disruption for home improvement manufacturers and retailers? How can top managers thrive in a new retailing paradigm where Internet seems to be the answer?

Leadership – Engage to Deliver Maximum Performance
With the advent of a digitally driven revolution, innovative leadership plays a fundamental role within companies. Top managers must become leaders engaging their employees with their organizations and encouraging them to deliver the best of themselves. Leadership has become more than ever the cornerstone of every corporative culture at every level worldwide. Either all the members of your team follow your new mindset, based on innovative swifts and transformation, or your firm will not be able to thrive in a time where disruptors have changed the rules of the game.

Home Improvement around a changing World
Our congress brings together top DIY managers from over 45 countries worldwide. The developments of our industry vary from country to country. We will take you on a trip around the planet and show you the most successful strategies applied in other continents. Discover new trends and concepts that could become a benchmark and growth accelerator for your own business.

Market Update – The Impact of Disruption on DIY
Disruption han invaded many industries around the world including the home improvement sector. Therefore, what do the most important analysts from our industry have to say about this global phenomenom? Get the latest information from the best well-known DIY consultancies on how this revolution is affecting your business. Euromonitor International, USP Consultancy and Cleveland Research will provide you with the most important data of the sector worldwide.