Global Economic and Political Overview

Global growth is projected to reach 3.9 percent in 2018 and 2019, in line with the forecast of the April 2018 World Economic Outlook (WEO), but the expansion is becoming less even, and risks to the outlook are mounting. The rate of expansion appears to have peaked in some major economies and growth has become less synchronized. In the United States, near-term momentum is strengthening in line with the April WEO forecast, and the US dollar has appreciated by around 5 percent in recent weeks. Growth projections have been revised down for the euro area, Japan, and the United Kingdom, reflecting negative surprises to activity in early 2018. [click here to read more]

Innovate or Die: Why Innovation Matters

Where is AOL? MySpace? Blockbuster? These companies were titans of success and innovation. Now, they have been left behind. This is because their management and staff failed to recognize the dynamics of a free market, and failed to fulfill their customer’s needs. They failed to give clients what they desire for a competitive price and in a manner and mechanism that is user friendly, cost effective, and able to reach a large audience. Innovation is happening faster than we can adapt, and Home Improvement companies can’t miss the boat of innovation! They should be looking for innovative solutions that can turn future business challenges into opportunities. [click here to read more]

Digitalisation: Adapting to the Era of Disruption

The pace of digital innovation and technology disruption is set to warp speed. We live in an era in which technology is evolving faster than many businesses can adapt. Simply put, we are living in an extraordinary time. During the Digital Era of the past 30 years, every industry has become more social, mobile, and global. Industries are striving to become smart and connected, and companies that do not adapt are rapidly falling behind. The pace of technology disruption and change right now is only going to increase, and it’s vital to maintain pace! [click here to read more]

HR: Preparing Your Team to Embrace Digital Transformation

Ready or not, digital is your new business imperative. The existence of mobile devices has enabled organisations, employees, and customers to be more connected than ever before. Digital technology has been a game-changer in how business leaders connect with their employees and engage their customers. The new era of digital transformation is here, and business leaders are urged to start preparing their teams to embrace this digital transformation. [click here to read more]

Asia: The Changing Face of Innovation

The face of the Chinese competitor has visibly changed in the past five years due to a variety of factors. Years of foreign investments have allowed China to grow into a manufacturing powerhouse, rich in technological learning opportunities for local companies. Leaders among these companies are undergoing rapid transformation of their own as they seek to evolve from backroom producers to the world’s leading face of innovation. [click here to read more]

Global Home Improvement Insights

Our congress brings together top DIY managers from over 50 countries worldwide. The developments of our industry vary from country to country. We will take you on a trip around the planet and show you the most successful strategies applied in other continents. Discover new trends and concepts that could become a benchmark and growth accelerator for your own business. [click here to read more]