Maarten Ramp

Director Sustainability, Product Compliance & Enviromental Social Governance, Maxeda DIY Group

Maarten Ramp is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in ensuring quality, product compliance, and corporate social responsibility. Currently serving as the Director of Quality, Product Compliance, and Corporate Social Responsibility at Praxis Doe-Het-Zelf Center, Maarten is dedicated to upholding the highest standards across all facets of the organization’s operations.

With a strong background in quality management and a passion for sustainability, Maarten leads initiatives that not only meet regulatory requirements but also contribute to a more socially and environmentally responsible business model. His leadership ensures that Praxis Doe-Het-Zelf Center delivers products and services that prioritize customer satisfaction, safety, and ethical sourcing practices.

Maarten’s commitment to excellence and integrity drives continuous improvement within the company, making him an invaluable asset to the team.

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