Lagerhaus opens flagship store with new concept

There is a new floor space concept for the Lagerhaus stores in Austria. It will be implemented for the first time at a flagship store which has now been opened in Korneuburg near Vienna. The 2 500 m² new building is divided into several themed worlds and has especially identified communication zones. For example, in the garden department the "edible garden" theme is taken up with product ranges from the fields of beekeeping, beer brewing or preserving. In the animal department the main focus is on livestock husbandry and hobby farming. Remarkable is also the so-called world of enjoyment for example, in which local farmers market their foods.
In addition to the generally more emotional presentation, the connection to the online shop is an important aspect of the new concept. So in addition to a click & collect desk inside the store, there is a parcel collection point in front of the store.
The sales channel Lagerhaus is overseen by Raiffeisen Ware Austria (RWA) and its subsidiary AFS as franchise system in the whole of Austria.

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