Kingfisher pulls out of Germany and heads for Ireland

After operating Screwfix for just five years in Germany, Kingfisher is pulling the distribution channel out of the country and closing all 19 Screwfix stores there. This information, revealed in the British group’s 2018/2019 annual report, officially confirms what was reported by DIYinternational back in October. The German online shop will continue to operate.
Europe’s second-biggest home improvement group is now planning to expand Screwfix into other countries and aims to open the first stores in Ireland during 2019. The experience gained by Kingfisher from its German venture should inform its decision as to whether it is worth taking Screwfix into the French and Polish markets also. The first step in this case would be to open an online shop there.
In its home market in Great Britain, where there are currently 627 Screwfix stores, Kingfisher has revised its growth plan upwards. It is now targeting a total of 800 stores instead of the 700 originally envisaged.