Innovate or Die: Why Innovation Matters

Where is AOL? MySpace? Blockbuster? These companies were titans of success and innovation. Now, they have been left behind. This is because their management and staff failed to recognize the dynamics of a free market, and failed to fulfill their customer’s needs.

They failed to give clients what they desire for a competitive price and in a manner and mechanism that is user friendly, cost effective, and able to reach a large audience. Innovation is happening faster than we can adapt, and Home Improvement companies can’t miss the boat of innovation! They should be looking for innovative solutions that can turn future business challenges into opportunities.

Session Speakers

Barbara Kahn

Professor, The Wharton School

Hartmut Jenner

CEO, Alfred Kärcher

Erwin van Osta

President, BricoAlliance / CEO, HUBO

Vincent Legros

Chairman and CEO, Bostik

Sergio Giroldi

CEO, OBI / President EDRA