Herman Konings

Change Psychologist & Trend Analyst, nXt


Herman Konings, built in 1964, is a Master in theoretical psychology (Catholic University of Leuven) and managing director of the Antwerp agency for trend analysis and future research Pocket Marketing/nXt. As a trend analyst and consumer psychologist Herman regularly offers advice, holds workshops and gives lectures for companies, communities, governments and higher education. Herman is a genuine storyteller who inspires the spectator on an engaging course about the amazing world of passions and interests, trends and future expectations, and about what is and what will/could be.


A “Charlie Foxtrot” occurs when global crises such as wars, pandemics, nature disasters and an economic downfall occur at the same time. Historians note that these crises always trigger the acceleration of so-called “civilizational processes” like health, sustainability, education and digitalization. Retail is facing fast-tracked tech developments, on the provider side, and accelerated adoption of technology by a growing number of consumers, on the other side. Herman will shine his light on new retail tech phenomena such as hybrid hubs, XAI (explainable AI), web 2.5 retail and IOB (Internet of Behaviors).

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