Growing readiness to purchase refurbishment, home improvement and garden services in Europe

Renovation, home improvement and the garden are among the consumption categories that have seen the highest growth in buying intention in Europe. The "much greater readiness to purchase" is described as "remarkable" in the Consumption Barometer 2019 published by Consors Finanz.
When asked "Do you intend to purchase these products or services in the next twelve months", 33 per cent of survey respondents answered in the affirmative with regard to design and renovation services, signifying a five per cent increase over last year. 29 per cent of respondents across Europe intended to procure home improvement and garden products, equivalent to an increase of seven per cent.
The biggest demand for renovation work was voiced by Bulgarians, 52 per cent of whom were planning such projects. Austria came second with 43 per cent, while the Czech Republic featured at the lower end of the scale with 21 per cent.
A high number of consumers in Norway (46 per cent) and Italy (42 per cent) were planning to purchase home improvement and garden products. The lowest buying intention in this regard was among the French (20 per cent), while Germany signalled the second-lowest intent at 22 per cent.