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Our company
Kip GmbH is a leading company in the adhesive tape sector and has been successfully marketing products for more than 40 years. From the very beginning, we used our knowledge of the craft trade sector to develop innovations and turn these into high quality products. As a result, we have conducted real pioneering work in this market segment and turned adhesive tape into an indispensable tool. The close alliance with Shurtape® Technologies LLC in 2000, in the course of which Kip GmbH became a wholly owned subsidiary, was the logical continuation of decades-long cooperation, serving to further enhance our expertise in the areas of research and development, and production.

Our motivation
What motivates and inspires us each day is to improve our existing range of adhesive tape and to develop new innovations so that you can carry out your work with increasing ease and efficiency.

Our offer
We offer you a wide range of adhesive tape and consumer oriented solutions under the FROGTAPE® brand, T-REX® brand and DUCK® brand. Whether masking tape, protective films or duct tape, the end user can find the right product for his specific needs.

Company: Kip GmbH


Schlavenhorst 9
46395 Bocholt

Contact Partner: Andrea Arlt / Matthias Geuking

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