Gold Sponsor: FN Neuhofer Holz

“We offer you more” is more than just a slogan to us. It stands as an honest promise for all of our products and services. We are not just living out our economic way of thinking for this moment but rather sustainably and across generations. The creation of values is a valid aim for us both now and in the future. Our vision for the coming years is clearly defined: we want to become the global market leader for profiles and accessories for floors, walls and ceilings and to enter new markets with further innovative product lines. We are looking forward to taking this route together with our customers and partners,” says Franz Neuhofer.

FN Neuhofer Holz belongs as a recognized skirtings and accessories supplier for floors, walls and ceilings to the international leading industry. The family Neuhofer has now been engaged in wood processing for 10 generations for 367 years! Neuhofer is able to offer their customers a complete range of accessories ”from a single source”, sparing them the difficulty of dealing with a variety of suppliers and thereby saving valuable time.

The current production capacity is 125 million r.m of profiles per year and after finalisation of the investments and automation 165 million r.m per year. The family company operates in 70 countries worldwide, 90{2920dc35e13aa575d381a963680550d7ab92ea574880ecc82f11a0ccc4bb06ae} of their products are destined for export.

The company despose of following certifications: ISO 14001 (environment management), ISO 9001 (quality management), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council; for sustainable forestry), PEFC (Pan-European Forest Certification Initiative; for sustainable forestry, Greenguard & Greenguard Gold (Labelling for low-emission products).

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