Gold Sponsor: ACO Shoe Scraper systems

First impression counts – especially in an entrance area, which performs the function of a business card. The ACO shoe scraper system is a professional solution for a well-designed and well-maintained entrance.

Increasingly extreme weather must be counteracted by more complex and sophisticated drainage concepts. ACO achieves this with intelligent system solutions which have a dual purpose: protecting people from water, and water from people. Every ACO product within the ACO system chain therefore safely controls the water as it passes along the chain to ensure that it can be ecologically and economically reused in a viable way.

Company: ACO Selbstbau Vertrieb GmbH



ACO Selbstbau Vertrieb GmbH
Am Ahlmannkai
24782 Büdelsdorf

Contact Partner: Ralph Kelkel

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Ralph Kelkel
Head of Product Management and Product Marketing
ACO Hochbau Vertrieb GmbH
Am Ahlmannkai

24782 Büdelsdorf
Fon+49 4331 354-394
Mobil +49 174 3075179
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