Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


When is the 8th Global DIY-Summit 2022 going to take place?
From 8 to 10 June 2022 at Bella Center Copenhagen.

I was due to attend the 8th Global DIY-Summit in June 2021 – do I need to do anything to ensure my ticket is valid for the rescheduled event?
All tickets for the 8th Global DIY-Summit 2021 will automatically be valid for the rescheduled event – you don’t need to do anything. Please expect an email communication in the coming weeks which will provide you with more information.

I have booked a hotel room at your recommended hotels, how can I cancel it?
If you have booked a room through any of the links on our website, your room will be automatically cancelled. If you booked directly at the hotel, you will need to cancel separately. No cancellation charges will apply.

What will happen to this year’s invoice?
We will contact you in the next weeks to inform you next steps.

What happens if the COVID-19 crisis is still affecting travelling and I can’t attend the event in 2022?
You will be able to choose between 2 options:
1. Watch it online through our Global DIY-Network
2. You can get a voucher for any Global DIY-Summit taking place in the future (2022, 2023, etc.)

What is the 1st Virtual DIY-Summit?

It is a new digital event for the DIY, Home Improvement and Gardening industries taking place from 9 to 10 September 2021. This event will be shown on our Global DIY-Network.

What is the Global DIY-Network?
It is a platform where you are able to network with other delegates, attend online seminars and masterclasses, interact with other C-level Managers from the Home Improvement industry as in a social network, download market studies and the latest information about our sector, among other advantages. The Global DIY-Network was launched in October 2020.

Is the 1st Virtual DIY-Summit 2021 included in my previous ticket fee?
Yes, of course. This event is included for the delegates of the 8th Global DIY-Summit 2022 and the Global DIY-Network subscribers.

Is the Global DIY-Network included in my previous ticket fee?
Yes, of course. The platform is a service we offer to all delegates and sponsors of the Global DIY-Summit who already have settled their invoices in full.

Will the 1st Virtual DIY-Summit 2021 replace the 8th Global DIY-Summit 2021?

No, this is a new event for the Home Improvement and Gardening community. This event is not replacing the physical event in Copenhagen.

I’m a Global DIY-Summit delegate, how can I access the Global DIY-Network?
Go to (please note you will be required to use the exact same email you used to register to the Global DIY-Summit)


I’m a sponsor at the 8th Global DIY-Summit 2021 – will my sponsorship automatically be moved to the rescheduled event?
Yes, and we will be contacting each of our sponsors individually to confirm the details over the coming days.

I’m a sponsor and I would like to know what happens next?
The timeline we are planning is as follows:

JUNE 2021
Announcement posponement of the 8th Global DIY-Summit and presentation of the 1st Virtual DIY-Summit 2021.

Our Sponsorship Manager, Stefan Michell, will contact you individually to explain you further steps and will request information to update your Global DIY-Network profiles. We have launched new services that are already available online. Registration of all delegates from our sponsors who would like to have access to the Global DIY-Network and the 1st Virtual DIY-Summit 2021.

9 – 10 SEPTEMBER 2021
The 1st Virtual DIY-Summit 2021 will be broadcasted through the Global DIY-Network.

OCTOBER 2021 – MAY 2022
All sponsors and delegates will enjoy the Global DIY-Network for free.

8 – 10 JUNE 2022
The 8th Global DIY-Summit 2022 in Copenhagen.

Do I have to pay extra for the Global DIY-Network?
No, as a sponsor you are entitled to have a virtual spot in this platform, which will give your brand more visibility than ever before. This service is included in your sponsor fee. From October on, you will have the opportunity to showcase your products in a unique Home Improvement social network. However, according to your sponsor pack, you will get limited access accounts for this service.

Do I have to pay extra for the 1st Virtual DIY-Summit?
No, as a sponsor you will receive a limited number of complimentary tickets for the digital event.