Expo F 2018 will print a house in just six hours

A DIY workshop Print and Build a House will be part of the conference program to be held during Expo F 2018, the International Trade Fair for Hardware & Tools that will take place from 20 to 22 September in Panama. On 21 September, a real house will be printed and built in situ in just six hours, the organisers announce. The confirmed instructors of the Wikihouse workshop will be Matthew Hotsko, founder of Fab Lab Panama and Ecoestudio, and Vaneza Caycho, founder and CEO of iFurniture, a digital carpentry in Lima that was the winner of StartUp Peru 2ndGeneration. Hotsko is an entrepreneur who has worked as an architect and designer of efficient buildings in India and Panama and aims to stimulate local entrepreneurship and innovation. Vaneza Caycho is an architect and digital carpenter specialised in innovative furniture. The instructors will use CNC technology through Shelter 2.0 platform, the technology that is revolutionising construction and reinventing the way we make homes, the announcement continues. Originally conceived for building transitional housing in emergency situations, this platform makes it easier to build a house and encourages innovation.