Einhell – Platinum Sponsor

Einhell – Platinum Sponsor

Can you operate 18V and 36V tools with the same battery system? Absolutely! Thanks to the Twin Pack Technology of the Power X-Change battery platform by Einhell, you can simply combine the power of two 18V packs if you have a 36V tool! No need to buy a special 36V battery!

As passionate DIY enthusiasts we know: You can make (or break) a project with the right (wrong) tool. That is why we continuously pursue research to come up with new products and technology, that can ease your work in a previously unimagined manner – so that you can unleash your creativity for your projects. For new, high-quality and high-performance products we rely not just on good ideas, but also on a high-quality and reliable deployment. For this, we work in interdisciplinary teams of industrial designers, engineers and tool experts from all over the world. And of course with you too – because at the end of the day it is your wishes that we want to make possible for the future.

Wiesenweg 22 – 94405 Landau/Isar, Germany
+49 995 194 2741

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