DIY retail remains the second largest distribution channel for bathroom furniture

The DIY trade still continues to play a significant role in the distribution of bathroom furniture, mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors. With a market share of 20.9 per cent – which is EUR 710.5 mio – it represents the second largest distribution channel in this product category in Central Europe. However, the distance to the primary sales channel, the furniture and kitchen trade, is more than 50 per cent.
The overall market volume in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Great Britain, France and Italy adds up to EUR 3.400 bn in terms of consumer prices. 77 per cent of the volume is attributed to bathroom furniture, 14 per cent to mirror cabinets and nine per cent to illuminated mirrors. These figures have been established by the German corporate consultants Titze.
The significance of the individual distribution channels, however, varies considerably from country to country. For example the DIY stores in Great Britain and Belgium are the number one distribution channel. On the other hand, in Germany, which is by far the largest single market, they are in fourth place.
The trade journal DIY International will be bringing out a more extensive report in its 2/2019 edition.