Disruptive Leadership Trends in Home Improvement

Disruptive Leadership Trends in Home Improvement

With the advent of a digitally driven revolution, innovative leadership plays a fundamental role within companies. Top managers must become leaders engaging their employees and organisations, while encouraging them to deliver the best of themselves. More than ever, leadership has become the cornerstone of corporate culture at every level worldwide.

Either all of your team members follow your new mindset, based on innovation and transformation, or your firm will not be able to thrive at a time where disruptors have changed the rules of the game.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to learn from the experts:

1) Leadership Matters by John Gillam, Managing Director Bunnings, Australia

2) Developing a High Performance Culture by Jennie Stenbom, VP Human Resources & Communications Kesko Corporation, Finland

3) Two Steps to Successful Transformation – Getting the best out of Your People and Focusing on what Delivers Success by Chris Roebuck, Professor of Transformational Leadership Cass Business School London, UK

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