Dionis Teqja

President, Megatek

Megatek is the biggest and most successful DIY hypermarket chain in Albania. With The 160,000 square meters headquarters and flagship store is strategically located 6 km from the Tirana International Airport and 8 km from the center of the Capital City, Tirana. Today Megatek is operating online in Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro with delivery time up to 24 hours; when customers think “HOME” they should think “Megatek” as the best source for selection, value oriented pricing and excellent customer service. For most people, their home is the biggest financial and emotional investment they make. If you are a handyman or a handywoman we can help you on making your projects a success!,

Megatek encourages, informs, inspires and shows people how to construct or transform their home into a unique and personalized expression of themselves. Our philosophy is simple: to deliver superior customer service. We are working to make Megatek a place where customers always feel welcomed, and find the help they need, whether you’ve got a complex project or simple question, we are there for you.

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