@Deloitte: Global Economic and Political Overview: Alejandro González de Aguilar: “Conclusions for the DIY market”

Alejandro joined Deloitte’s Financial Advisory department in 2006. Previously, he had developed his career within the financial markets through the intermediation and management of derivatives and fixed income instruments. During his career, Alejandro advised clients in the structuring and placement of corporate fixed income securities, in financing via direct lending and in restructuring with financial derivatives. Alejandro has also participated as a financial advisor in IPOs and has directed projects of corporate treasury strategies and financial risk management for large companies. Currently he is leading the Debt, Capital & Treasury Advisory group. Hence, Alejandro represents the Spanish practice of Debt, Capital & Treasury Advisory in Deloitte’s Global Network, he is also a member of the Spanish Audit and Risk Committee and he is a registered advisor of the Spanish Alternative Fixed-Income Market.

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