The Day of your House: what is it and why should it be celebrated?

Less traditional holidays have become commonplace in recent years, some with a relatively long history, others first held only a few years ago. The likes of Singles’ Day/Bachelor’s Day and Amazon Prime Day, which was first held in 2015, and now internationally recognised and are some of the most successful and largest shopping days globally. Efforts have previously been made to introduce an “international DIY day” but have not been taken up internationally, certainly not to a large extent. Maintaining the view of DIY as an essential sector, as well as the increase in DIY projects and younger generations now initiating DIY projects, now might be perfect time for another effort.


What is “Day of Your House”?

A festival known as “Día de tu Casa” (“Day of your house”) is celebrated in some countries. For example, the AECOC (La asociación de fabricantes y distribuidores) and AFEB (Asociación de Fabricantes Españoles de Bricolaje y Ferretería) made the proposal for the DIY sector in Spain in 2014, with 2,500 stores throughout Spain celebrating the occasion in 2016[i]. However, it seems that in recent years the occasion has been overlooked, with few results and more local marketing.

Further to this, the celebratory day does not seem to have been picked up on internationally, at least not to a large extent. One retailer that did pick up on the idea was ManoMano, who launched an International DIY Day that takes place on the 24th of May. Bheta, the British Home Enhancement Trade Association, went a step further and introduced “National Home Improvement Month” in April. These isolated and disjointed campaigns demonstrate that there is potential.

What are the objetives of the Day of Your House?

The objectives of such a celebratory day are clear: to make DIY accessible, support businesses and increase sales and stock turnover. Further to this, the advantages of celebrating a “Day of Your House” or “DIY Day” internationally are abundant. Through creating a joint initiative and promoting cooperation and collaboration between retailers and suppliers in the DIY Sector the promotion would gain a greater reach. Moreover, a common marketing strategy could build momentum and international recognition.


What would it be a good idea to celebrate Day of Your House internationally?

Building on the “Día de tu Casa”, promoted by Spanish business, the day should encourage recycling and upcycling goods. Another factor which should be considered is the potential to unite DIY and climate change. With the increase in number of younger generations initiating DIY projects harmonizing with this generations significant awareness of the environment is key, creating and promoting an international DIY day with sustainable roots and positive environmental effects in mind could promote the image of the industry.

Methods could include motivating, educating, and supporting customer create their own DIY pieces that can help them contribute to improving their immediate surroundings and create environmentally beneficial areas. Bird feeders and nest boxes built from upcycled materials, planters or even products to reduce water consumption at home could all be promoted.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, in which the industry has gained further relevance with many customers and the home is once again appreciated in all aspects, developing, collaborating, and jointly promoting an “international DIY day”, integrated with sustainability, could do wonders for the industry by maintaining and building on the momentum the industry is currently experiencing.

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