Connected Home: New Opportunities for DIY


Connected Home: New Opportunities for DIY

Expressions like Smart Home, Internet of Things and Connected Devices are buzz words that you nowadays hear everywhere, but only a few people are able to understand the profound impact that these technological changes will have on the DIY industry.

The past two years have seen a significant increase in new developments and consumer adoption of these kind of products. Therefore, the largest DIY retailers in North America have already announced the launch of smart devices for security, heating, cooling, lighting and other appliances in their stores.

Will this new paradigm bring significant opportunities for the home improvement industry? Is this the beginning of a new DIY business model? Should we be prepared for the possibility of disruptors breaking into our industry?

Do not miss this unique opportunity to learn from the experts. This session will be presented by the following speakers:

 1) Introduction to the Section – The Era of Smart DIY by Leonard Diepenbrock, CEO Tox Dübel, Germany

2) The Garden Getting Smart by Sascha Menges, President Gardena, Germany

3) Fast Forward to the Future by Simon Davies, Group Marketing Director Hozelock, UK

4) The Connected Store: How Brands and Retailers are using Technology, Data and Seamless Service to Learn from and Lock in Customers by Kate Ancketill, CEO GDR Creative Intelligence, UK

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